Me and The Boys by Fatima H Abdallah

About Me

I saw a young mother
With eyes full of laughter
And two little shadows
Came following after.

Wherever she moved,
They were always right there
Holding onto her skirts,
Hanging onto her chair.
Before her, behind her –
An adhesive pair.

‘Don’t you ever get weary
As, day after day,
your two little tagalongs
Get in your way? ‘

She smiled as she shook
Her pretty young head,
And I’ll always remember
The words that she said.

‘It’s good to have shadows
That run when you run,
That laugh when you’re happy
And hum when you hum –
For you only have shadows
When your life’s filled with sun.’


My two little shadows have inspired me to cherish and freeze moments in life that will last forever.
I capture a perfect moment that will stop time for a just a bit so you can re-live it again and again.

I specialize in themed Children Photography ,Precious Maternity and Newborn , Family , High School Senior,and Business Portraits. I offer a studio full of Unique backdrops,  Adorable unique Props ,Vintage Clothing, Tutus and so much more! I create a fun session experience so your child will be comfortable enough to be themselves.

My name is Fatima Abdallah and I am your Little Shadows Photographer!